Light In Limbo


My abstract spheres and cubes have always been creative and unique, but with the addition of interior lighting, they are dramatically transformed.

Like its counterpart the Shadow Sphere, Light In Limbo had to be beautiful by day and spectacular by night.

There is tranquility to be found in such illumination; a hypnotic, meditative appeal generated by the perfect circular patterns.

This garden lighting orb will transform your yard into a magical oasis. Installed off-axis, Light in Limbo is lit from below, in order to ‘trap’ the light in. This off-axis design captivates viewers, who are delighted to realise the sphere’s rings appear to be hovering mid-air.

Light in Limbo is an enchanting piece of garden art that is perfect for backyards and courtyards.

The work is crafted of 13 rings fashioned from 5-10mm steel. If installed against a wall, a series of shadows will be exquisitely projected onto the wall’s surface.

This garden sculpture not only keep your eyes transfixed, it will make you feel relaxed and at peace.


5-10mm mild steel

Either 900mm, 1200mm or 1480mm



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